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All About National Minority Mental Health Month

The beginning of July marks the start of National Minority Mental Health Month, an observance established by the House of Representatives in 2008. The purpose of this annual recognition serves to bring awareness to the disparities in mental health care that persist for racial, ethnic, cultural, and other various underrepresented groups in the United States.

Even with advances in health equity over time, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has found that certain populations are less likely to have access to mental health services, less likely to use community mental health services, more likely to use emergency departments, and more likely to receive lower quality care. 

Without proper insight and awareness of these ongoing issues, minority populations with poor mental health care access and quality will continue to be faced with poor mental health outcomes, such as suicide. 

During the month of July, Mental Health America (MHA) is promoting its #DepthOfMyIdentity campaign for National Minority Mental Health Month. This campaign is aiming to challenge all people to share the “depth of their identity” and how it relates to their mental health journeys. You may participate in this campaign by sharing (e.g., pictures, notes, videos) your responses to the following official prompts below. 

  • What labels would you use to describe yourself? 

  • How have the perceptions of others impacted you and your mental health? 

  • What advice would you give to others to protect their wellbeing and overall mental health if they encounter similar challenges? 

Camden Behavioral Wellness (CBW) is proud to promote to our local community about the importance of improving access to mental health care and treatment for all. By recognizing the decreased access to quality care and cultural stigmas associated with particular backgrounds and identities, we hope to help ignite change against the disparities that exist. 

We all can play a role in furthering mental health treatment in our country by simply learning more about mental health and spreading the word through awareness, support, and advocacy activities. For more information and resources on #NationalMinorityMentalHealthMonth, visit the following sites listed below. 


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